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2017 Website Tips for Boosting Your Google Rankings Local SEO Kansas City

Align Your Content & SEO
Your SEO efforts are really only as good as the experience you’re creating for your target persona. That’s why great SEO needs to work in tandem with great content. If you’ve taken the time to explore

In this article, you have a good foundation for content and SEO alignment that’s focused on the user.

Good content is key to providing your readers with a reason to stay on your blog or website, thus increasing your time on page.

Keep your website mobile friend at ALL costs… Do not let your local seo efforts be wasted because you did not mobile optimize your page.

The old saying that “life is a journey, not a destination” can also be applied to SEO.

Search engine optimization should be a part of a website for its lifetime, continuously improving its ability to make a brand (and its content) be more visible and to create a better experience for users.

You can’t master SEO in a day, but you can resolve to make small steps in each of the areas of SEO that will make your site better and your efforts more impactful in 2016.

Local Lead Kansas City Seo 2017 updated

2017 Top 10 website ranking tips to help you build your website up in Google.

1. Website Site Keywords : Make sure you are using the right keywords your customers are using to find your product or service.
2. Content : Google is now looking for “answers” , so phrase some of your content to answer questions for people who might be trying to find out about a product or service. Plus have your pages SEO compliant.
3. Page structure : Your pages must be laid out and properly linked
4. Images : Your images need to be SEO optimized for your keywords
5. Videos: If your using video on your site it too needs to be SEO optimized
6. Linking Out: A website should have other links OUT to content and information .
7. Linking In : Have relevant and quality links IN to your website.
8. Press Release : Provide information in a press release highlighting your company and employees.
9. Mobile Friendly : Your site needs to be mobile friend to score higher in mobile search.
10. Social Media : You need to have a presence on social media, google +, twitter, facebook and many others.

So if you have all the time and energy to put into correcting those YOUR website will rank much higher in google, bringing you more visitors and or clients.

If you lack the knowledge or the time, let US provide that service for you, at a very reasonable monthly price !

Seo 2105 Tips

1. Should be mobile responsive

Currently, statistics do confirm that up to 50% of all searches carried out by internet users are made from a mobile device such as a Smartphone or tablet. As a matter of fact, Google has even gone ahead to tweak its algorithms to rate higher sites that are responsive and drop those that are not. In this regard, many sites are now adopting responsive designs which are mobile friendly and consumers are getting less tolerant with websites that are not responsive; forcing them to endlessly scroll so as to get the content they are looking for. To reduce your bounce rate, make sure your site has  images and adaptive screen width. This is bound to enhance customer experience of both your current and prospective clients.
2. Should have Social media Icons /Links

The overall growth of Social media over the past few years has been nothing short of phenomenal. Statistics show that at least 70% of all internet users are active in one or several social media platforms. Make sure you have links to your social media accounts and ensure you use the common icons people relate with in the case of Facebook, Twitter and even Pinterest. Make sure these icons are placed on every page, at a spot where they are quite visible and yet not obtrusive. It is important to constantly update your social media accounts as well; giving accurate and topical content as well as commentaries.

3. Should have Testimonials

Real life reviews from people who have used the services of goods of your business are a very powerful marketing tool. Because competition is usually very stiff out there, consumers are more likely to be swayed by sentiments coming from real people who have used the product or service. Even though you should not bombard your site with negative reviews, if you get one, make sure you resolve the identified problem and let the review stay, with a rider stating that the problem was noted and addressed. Desist from having fake reviews on your site; many visitors can easily see through.

4. Should have a Search Box

Chances are that visitors to your website are pressed for time just the same way you are, it is therefore very important to include a search box for those who don’t have the time to go through each and every page of your site to get what they want. Even if you have a site with highly intuitive and well thought out navigation and architecture; users are bound to benefit a great deal from a search box. Make sure the search box can handle synonyms, misspellings as well as plurals. If it is an e-commerce site that carries a lot of items, try and look for a solution that offers faceting; this is the ability to narrow your choices by other attributes such as color, price, size etc.

One of the most important Kansas City SEO tips for the current state of SEO, that’s a question that a whole lot of people have primarily because of the major changes made grouping women and and updates over the past couple years, particularly about a year ago is when the biggest change that I saw with my with my own websites happen and that’s when they changed the how they look, anchor text and I started wanting more natural anchor text and that’s our first point writer which will get into on it. it is the most important in my opinion change that has happened. there are several other things that you do have to take into account several other things that have changed, but this is the primary one. and if you do this wrong, you’re just going to ruin this yield potential of your site so in this video I’m going to try to explain the most important aspects of SEO these days. what’s going to hurt you and what’s going to help you. so as you can see a natural anchor text distribution links from diverse trusted sites on page factors that are important and frequent updates, regular promotion( go over that the highest level in this video to the first point is natural anchor text and distribution. this again. this is the most important change. this is something that you definitely need to pay a lot of attention to if you get this wrong, you’re going to hurt the potential the right potential of your site in Google and you do not want to over optimize you want me anchor text distribution to be as natural looking as possible and to do that you need to have your brand and URL of them. Not going to get into percentages. I’ll probably throw a few here and there just as suggestions that the percentages and if you look at different sites that rank them out there is going to find varying percentages of your brand saturation URL saturation keyword saturation, obscure, etc. but for the most by the brand and URL different for the URL should be the most used anchor text for your website. I said don’t over optimize with your primary key with any keywords. there should be more brand and URL anchors than anything else I Celeste, number one, make sure that happens. and that URL keynote www. MiFi .com my site .com http:// WW W. my site .com is different variations of your URL. that’s natural. that’s what happens and that’s what they want to see my back link relevance is important, so try to get as many back links from highly relevant sources as possible. this isn’t something that in reason is going to hurt you, but the more relevant the back links are the better and less good in other backlinks. it is completely one hundred percent irrelevant in all the time. that’s probably not a good thing. but back went relevance. the more relevant the better. do not overuse the keywords and this is the primary thing right here me out. previous to about a year or so ago I don’t remember the exact date. you could use in your primary keywords ninety percent of the time, and you can rank that you are coming. that’s how you did it. you just got a whole lot about Linux, using whatever keywords you want to rank for, and you could write for just about any low to moderate competition keyword can’t do it anymore. don’t do it anymore. you will almost never like for your keywords. if you do that so your keywords are the keywords you want to rank for. should be a low percentage less than ten percent. most of the time with use EMD and other independent. I have skipped on the next EMD’s can use the URL keyword more than we have seen that, and it this is because a kind of ties into the brand. so if you have a keyword as the EMD, that many EMD is an exact match Domain so you know, dog training tips .com as an EMT for dog training tips. so if you’re trying to rank for dog training tips in your own dog training tips .com on you could get away with using dog training tips as your anchor text little more, you know,  maybe up to ten percent or so and again, there’s no exact percentages. I might definitely would not want to go much higher than ten percent. even with an AMD, but you can get away with that we have seen that that is true, but do not overuse your keyword use, you know, whatever the keywords are that you want to rank for definitely get them in there, but it should be a single-digit percentage and your brain and URL need to be much higher the percentage use variations of your keywords and don’t be afraid of the low search volume keywords in our even if the Google planner keyword tool says that your keyword in the keywords only having out fifty monthly searches. you can rank for e-mail five or ten different keywords on one page just by including them in the page and and and being relevant to the keyword to use different variations. getting getting just a couple just a handful of of back links using that those low search volume phrases, and they are not going to associate the whole range of keywords with that page or that the root of that website to use variations and then your primary keywords, which are your keywords. usually your keywords with the highest search volume. the hardest ones to rank for use of those in the anchor text from your most powerful backlinks so the highest quality back links that you can get are usually going to be a small number of so for those small number of back links which are more powerful. those are the ones you want to use your your primary keywords in your most competitive keywords. the hardest ones that are going to be ranked for it to get ranks for rankings, so use your keywords in those young powerful backlinks. if you have hired high PR back links whenever you have whatever wherever they’re coming from and use it in those that way Internet primary keyword is still only used a couple times, but the couple time that it is used it’s it’s getting a lot of authority going through that much associates it with that which will help you rank for that I sell links from diverse trusted sites stay away from low quality sites. now it’s a very important understand what a low quality sites. site is in. this is one of the things that the disinformation out there the people who are doing these old tactics that don’t work anymore. I am in town. everyone was all because of you know the low quality. it’s all because of the social bookmarking stuff, so they just equate social bookmarks in article directories, etc. with low quality sites and that is not the case. there are a lot of low quality social bookmarking sites and article directory sites and web directory size you etc. etc. form profiles, etc. there are low-quality sites out there and you do want to stay away from them, but the type of the site is not tell you the quality. there are all kinds of very high quality social bookmarking sites and article directory sites your e-zine articles I read it on stumble upon your leases. these are sites that are high quality and there are a lot more than that those are just between on the topic of top my head. there a lot of them out there and these help you. you get ranked.the main enough sites that they get into these sites that get submitted to the sites you know that’s a trust ranking signal for Google so yes I send them to be careful which ones they going to begin your site Sentinel be afraid to get back links from these manual realities easy back link sources this, make sure they’re not low quality back link so how do you know you know which ones are low quality. the root. PR is a good way to filter but is not the only way to filter. so if users want to and not get too deep into it and you’re going to get rid of some sites that could have been quality, but it’s not. it’s a pretty effective way to make sure that you are only so many good sites is just get rid of all tackling sources, but do not have a pager and that’s Google toolbar page rank is not the most even the most perfect picture of authority, but in general if Google has a problem with the site is not going to have any page. and it’s not going to give any to what page rank. so if you’re only submitting to sites that have a root page rank of at least one and for the most part, you’re going to stay away from those low-quality sites that will hurt you, and the root. PR is the home page, so I don’t read it .com is the root see what the page rank of that is a tie. if you know you did your list of you know, whatever the sites you want to submit to and you just filter out all of them that don’t have a drink. another other way to look at the unit is going to the website seen the popularity out of seeing the professionalism out some of the enough is it just a plain basic downside, then okay, you probably shouldn’t submit to another doesn’t have a whole lot of in a social media activity centers and other things that will tell you know whether it’s a legitimate site or not a man obviously if you can tell that as a whole lot of activity, and if it gets a lot of traffic,you know, maybe there’s comments on something. whatever the other do not will be a good indicator that it’s a good quality, Sybase and younger link from

a lot of that is just, you know, that the eye of the beholder. you can get in on deep analysis look at the back life. everything else but for the most part, that’s not really necessary. so now just looking at the root. PR is a good way to easy battling sources like articles or to social bookmarking sites are still without valuable anyone a modern competition, he retracts. we just talked about, and the social signals are not a ranking signal and that’s a big misconception a lot of people believe that they are ranking signal they are not. they are in many cases related enough a site gets a lot of gifts high rankings, then it’s probably going to have depending on the niche in the demographics in a few things, but a lot of times it will have a lot of social activity by Google Matt Cutts has come out a few times and just straight said that social signals are not a ranking are not a ranking signal in Google patient in the past is been some confusion on a Saturday, they become a hinted towards a a were ranking signal in the past a few years ago. now they’re saying they’re not, and all indications go towards them, not being a ranking signal that doesn’t mean that you should not be doing any social media, social media can can very well help because they can invite natural back like that happens a lot these days, so social media is a good thing. Facebook is good, twitter, you know, whatever you’re doing. if you feel like you need to do it and do it on social media is a good thing. definitely can drive traffic a lot of traffic and can invite back links a social media is a good thing to do because you can get those natural backlinks from it, but don’t be out. don’t spend your SEO budget on trying to get social signals if they aren’t good young quality social signal quality. nearly where you’re going to actually get traffic and you don’t have the potential to getting natural back links by. so on page factors are still important or very important move a few things that are very important, so targeting the keywords I targeted keywords should appear in the content and the primary keyword should appear in the title so you want to touch writer target various phrases enough. the second point of target various phrases per page. don’t just target one keyword on each page you want to target one primary keyword absolutely and a primary keyword should be in the title and I should be a keyword that you don’t get a decent amount of monthly searches United all depends on what you know your plan is what you’re targeting, etc. just a kind of a general rule of thumb I might try to go somewhere in the eight hundred plus monthly searches range per internal page, but that just got a random random number, and that should be your and your title so you wanted to be in your title tag, preferably in front of the title, and your brand and they ought to be natural, not just the keyword you want to have a little bit more inerrant to entice the user to click and just for a more natural appearance and you want to get some variations of that that primary keyword on the page so you can rank for, you know, you could be writing for five or ten different variations of that phrase, they get a smaller number of search searches per month, but result in an you know them piling up money going decent amount of searches. see, where do that and make sure that you get those keywords on the page, so if you want to rank for red widgets, and the word that the phrase red widgets is even appear on your page on the enemy much harder to get that page to rank for red widgets. so, make sure the keywords that you want to rank for the prime and the variations appear on the page

and actual content of the page. don’t overdo it. make sure it sounds natural. do you know you definitely don’t want to have every other word with the keyword per five hundred words. my general rule of thumb is one or two instances of each keyword per keyword and you don’t overdo it. don’t overdo it and make sure that you are John don’t over optimize don’t have, you know, if you’re targeting red widgets. you don’t want to have you know that the subheading of echo here in your sidebar red widgets, and then here you have the word red widgets five times in your article and then you have red widgets in the title of the in of the article and you have red widgets in the title of the page, and you have red widgets in the alt tag of the other images you should. you don’t want to optimize it’s natural to have variations of the keyword. so if you’re if this page is about red widgets. it’s natural to have an red, which is my number. the best best example of say a dog treats and dog treats as the paid is what you’re targeting on the page, then it’s natural to have puppy treats in a natural puppy treats affordable public noted that affordable puppy snacks your different variations of that keyword is natural, so you don’t want to eliminate all the variations and target only one specific keyword because that is artificial looking at many, many cases that will hurt you so use variations of your keywords on your pages. not only that, going to keep your page from being seen as artificial to Google, but it’s going to help you to rank for the different variations of keywords and II always like to do a little keyword research for those Tracy and try to give phrases that actually have a little bit of volume so you know if I am going to rank for these phrases I’m always going to get a little bit of upsurge falling from then again, I can add up the definition of quality content depends on the judge of it. so Google cannot does not manually view every page on the Internet. that’s another big thing that a lot of people don’t understand. I think that Google you. they have manual reviewers so that you know if if my articles are just awesome than you know that never got a link that’s not true. there is there a millions of pages out there on the Internet and Google absolutely does. cannot review every single one of them with a human, and in most cases, your content is never going to be seen by a Google reviewer that doesn’t mean just go out and thorough enough slot content out there the better. you want your content is the quality of it in other better than the better chances you going to have a natural backlash coming in and the better that the content is going to convert into whatever you want to convert into an ad click or whatever I’m supporting content doesn’t matter and it is it is important. it is good but don’t think that you can’t get a page rank, unless you have no hand written perfect content is going to just below some of my in a you and you can have content out of the continent doesn’t even have to be one hundred percent unique. you want your content to be unique. you don’t want to be copied definitely if your page. if your sites full of copy content. it’s completely copied and annihilate all most likely, but you can have in a certain percentage of your articles can be not unique. I mean, it’s just a fact. we have sites out there ranking just with article builder, content, which is mostly unique content is not what pursuing any content. we have sites right on the front page of Google with one hundred percent content from that so content does not have to be in a one hundred percent mind blowing awesome content like Google wants you to believe it has to be is a good to have you no mind blowing off some viral can’t absolutely. but you know, let’s face it, you can’t come up with content 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legitimacy, but another thing is, you know, the more content you have the more potential rankings you have so you want to keep producing content. the more content you have the more rankings, you know if you have ten articles of similar cup quality and similar ranking potential that you know and and your competitor has ten thousand he’s going to get massive traffic compared away, you’re going into the more articles you can get out there the better. I’m not only for Google, but just for her. not only to appease their 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Local Seo Leads Kansas City our work = more local clients and customers.


March 2017 Information Update :

The importance of local SEO is almost impossible to underestimate or undersell, especially with the advent of mobile search. BrightLocal’s own research has shown that the majority of consumers search for a local business online on a regular basis with 53% of people searching at least one time per month in 2016 (vs 42% in 2015).

Conversely, there is a significant drop in the number of people whom never have done a  search for a local business online — now just 5% of people have never used local search to find a business.

Local Search Often Signals Purchase Intent
Increasingly, there is a tendency for local web searches to turn into cash in the register, making local SEO a no-brainer.

Interestingly, it’s virtually impossible to separate local search from mobile search habits. According to Google data, 76% of people who search for something nearby on their smartphone visit a related business within a day and 28% of those searches result in a purchase.

What does this mean for your local search strategy? There is a clear correlation between local search and purchase intent so figuring out how to get on Google local search or improve your existing poor local search positions, should be a priority.

So, now comes the hard part — either learning how to do SEO for a local business or more likely, gaining an idea of how much local SEO costs so you can choose between quotes from optimization consultants and SEO agencies like ours to get a good idea about a return on investment (ROI) of local seo and the value of those leads.

A small local search marketing campaign from a service like the Yellow Pages. Expect to budget around $400-$900 per month for this type of local SEO campaign. Depending on the agency and package, you may get some content or social media posts thrown in — plus Google My Business management. Where as with Local Lead Seo our package perform much better then Yellow pages and includes a much deeper ranking structure to provide greater results for more keywords and bring in more clients. Our services start are $250 to $400 per month an awesome bargain for those needs leads and customers.

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5 Properties of a Local Lead SEO Backlinks

5 Main ways for a better Google ranking on Kansas City Local SEO . Properties Of A Quality Backlink A quality backlink has the following properties and is considered good in the eyes of search engines and has the maximum effect on your off-page SEO. 1. From High PageRank Web Page Key to Local Kansas City Seo. PageRank (PR) is a ranking given to a web page (from 0 to 10) by Google algorithm which tells about its authority. Always try to get backlinks from web pages with high PR, preferably higher than the PR of your own website. Backlinks from higher PR web pages means quality votes for your web page. You can check the PR of a web page using the Firefox Plugin – WebRank Toolbar or if you don’t use Firefox you can use this online tool PR Checker. 2. Use different anchor texts Having the same exact keyword stuffed anchor text for all your backlinks is bad for your web page’s SEO. It does not look natural to Google as its not practically possible for all your backlinks to have same anchor text. So try to use different anchor text for your backlinks. I personally use this model of anchor text to build backlinks to my blogs – 30% exact matching keyword, 30% phrase match keywords, 30% generic words like click here, know more, read more etc and 10% url of the webpage. The attribute rel=”nofollow” when added to a link tells the search engines to not pass the reputation of that web page to the linked web page. When this attribute is not present it means that the link is dofollow and that web page passes its reputation (or what it is called as the PageRank juice) to your linked web page. The nofollow attribute is used by webmasters to stop the flow of their build authority to other sites. And hence these links are not much useful for off-page SEO also. You should always try to get dofollow links back to your web pages for getting the link juice and also increasing the chances of getting ranked higher. A lot of search engines do not regard rel=”nofollow” attribute for ranking your web page but a lot of them do. There has been battling on whether you should build nofollow links or not with no logical conclusions so far. So to be on the safe side I split my links into 70/30 parts -that’s 70% dofollow links and 30% nofollow links. It’s not been bad so far. Building dofollow links can be a real pain in a** as they are not easy to get. Most of the websites where you can leave your comment in return of a backlink are nofollow and even forums where you can spam your links are nofollow. So you should have a proper strategy in place to get your backlinks. 4. From Similar Niche Blog and Website Local Kansas City Business Web Pages. 5. Don’t do Black Hat SEO it only hurts Local Seo for Kansas City Business in the long run. These backlinks are mostly low quality and from PR0 spammy websites. These sudden backlinks spikes can even lead of deindexing of your web pages from Google’s database. Also avoid link farms (sites with 100+ outbound links per page). Influence Of Social Media On Off-Page SEO is always increasing so using social sites for your Kansas City SEO is a major boost to the rankings. Use them as part of your local seo just like citations and reviews.