2017 Local Seo Kansas City Tips


Local SEO Kansas City

Kansas City Local Seo

Five key elements are now the focus for those needing  LOCAL SEO RANKINGS

Many small business owners in Kansas City are searching for tips and tricks to improve their website rankings in Kansas City.

Using these 5 Local Seo Tips

#1: Make sure you are categorized as a local business.

 #2: Keep things consistent with your business local seo needs.

#3: Claim listings in Google as well as other business listings focusing on LOCAL directories.

 #4: Include keywords on social media accounts, when you create a post use your city and keywords at least once per post.

 #5: Invest in content providing useful information about your services or products.


Kansas City Local Website Ranking

Kansas City Local Website Ranking

A few more quality SEO TIPS for local seo website rankings

Make sure you have a physical address in the town you are targeting.

Ensure that the NAP on your website matches the NAP on GMB

Apart from your physical address, the NAP (Name, Address and Phone number), should be consistent with the actual name of your business, and it has to be the same wherever these details appear online.

Besides having contact information to your website, it is very important that you have an actual map on your website to show your precise location.

Additionally, some of the information listed below will also be very useful to have on your website, and specifically, in the contacts webpage:

Store opening and closing hours
Driving directions to your premises from well-known landmarks
Phone call links for direct calling on mobile phones
Social media links and sharing options

Maximize on your business and website reviews

Google takes reviews about businesses quite seriously because people looking for personalized information check reviews to find insights about what the business actually offers and whether it will benefit them or not.