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Kansas City Seo is vital to the business in and around Kansas City. Our Kansas City Local SEO services brings in local customers to shop in your store or call for your services.

Our services are not just for Kansas City Seo, but search engine optimization for any business in the US. Local Seo services pinpoint the specific need to drive local customers into local business and use local services.  We not only walk the walk but we deliver on rankings for keywords and promote social media to engage customers. Seo services in Kansas City Missouri are simply vital to your website. Not using Local Kansas City Seo services means your business is not be found on the web and thus costing you customers.  Get your website ranked and get more customers and clients.


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We are a Kansas City based online marketing agency with years of experience in online internet marketing, website marketing and offline marketing.

Website marketing & Internet Marketing Services

There are many definitions of marketing and the chances are that you will never hear two people use the same definition at any given time. In simple terms marketing is the process or activity of creating, discussing and delivering a product or service which later turns into some sort of exchange. An easy way to look at marketing is simply getting sales for the product or service you are offering. However others will go that one step deeper to say everything that leads to this point is also considered to be the marketing process. Marketing does not simply have one task, in fact if it did it would be more than easy for any individual to do. Offline & Online marketing, website marketing and internet marketing all require a lot of thought and strategic planning to make sure you get the absolute best results for the product or service you are going to offer.

Why is Kansas City internet marketing important and how it can help your business?

Website marketing

Internet marketing has recently become so popular it is recommended for almost all businesses of any size. The internet has essentially changed the way we work as human beings. It has given us a network of information allowing us to find almost any information that we might need as well as communicate with people from all over the world. The truth is that the internet connects more people than you could ever have directly connected in person. With that in mind, marketing over the internet is not exactly new in the marketing game. Various companies took advantage early on and now it is a major part of most marketing strategies. Understanding just how big the internet is may be the first step to understanding why internet marketing is becoming so important to businesses in the current economy. As previously mentioned the internet connects millions of people from all over the world. Look at social media websites such as Facebook which has over 800 million active users every day. Imagine the exposure your business could get from having an advert on the website homepage. With that in mind Social Media Marketing through popular websites such as Twitter and Facebook is only a small part of the internet marketing process.

How can website marketing help YOUR Kansas City based business?

internet marketing You are probably well aware of search engines and how they are used by almost everybody to find information, a product or a service of any type. What you might not understand is how certain websites are ranked at the top of the results and just how much this can benefit a business. Fortunately for businesses Google has a Keyword Tool that allows you too see how many people both globally and locally search for your particular service or product on average each month. As an example we are going to look at “Window Tinting” in the eyes of a window tints supplier. The keyword tool is able to tell us that nearly 700,000 people search for window tinting each month globally, and on a smaller scale 74,000 in the UK. With an average amount of Internet in mind we now need to know just how much exposure the top spots of search results actually get. In fact, it is said that the website ranked first for any given subject will receive around 40% of all of the search engine traffic, with the rest of the first page results having an almost equal share of the remainder. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on pages tend to get very little if any at all. 40% of this traffic equates to nearly 30,000 very targeted and niche specific potential customers visiting your website each month. With window tinting not being a cheap service this could result in thousands or hundreds of thousands of extra profits each month. Above you can see an example of how traffic from search engines helped increase sales by 57% for one of our customers.

Thinking about the marketing process

When you think about the marketing process it is quite easy to recognize that it does not only relates to the provider, it also relates directly to the customer. Marketing holds all of the tools and strategies used to entice a customer into buying or trying a product. If the marketing is successful then your company will gain value through the consumers purchase. An example of this is something as simple as cold calling. Cold calling is a very old marketing technique that simply requires you to dial a phone and call somebody. Once you are live on the phone you use your sales pitch to try and sell the product. This is marketing. Advertising on billboards, magazines, television; all of these are part of the marketing process.

Keeping up with technology

Internet Marketing allows you as a business to keep up with the updates in technology. Only 20 or 30 years ago people were using thick books such as the Yellow Pages to find any product or service they might require on a daily basis. With the internet providing a much simpler, and more structured solution it is very easy to understand why the majority of the population now use the internet to find what they are looking for. With the current struggling economy many small businesses in Kansas City have found that a move to the internet is exactly what they need to pick up their business. The move to the internet means having a proficient internet marketing strategy that can help you handle the huge expansion that is conducting business over the internet. Kansas City SEO is the key to more customers more often.